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Regular maintenance from Sainato Electric Inc dba Generators Plus ensures trouble-free operation - and helps protect your investment.

Like any large investment - A stand-by home generator requires maintenance to be certain that it will be ready to serve its purpose when the time comes. Regularly scheduled maintenance on these home power solutions is extremely important, but regularly scheduled maintenance performed properly will give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

At Generators Plus+ we believe a proper maintenance plan includes:

  • Visual inspection
  • Check intake and exhaust for obstruction
  • Check fault code
  • Check battery
  • Check oil level/condition
  • Check coolant level and condition (where applicable)
  • Replace air filter
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Valve lash adjustment if required
  • Manual start
  • Verify voltage and frequency output
  • Adjust fuel regulator
  • Adjust engine speed
  • Change oil using synthetic oil and replace oil filter
  • Transfer to generator power with a simulated power outage
  • Transfer back to utility power
  • Re-level generator (when necessary)
  • Paint gas pipe to prevent rusting (when necessary)

While this list seems extensive, every part is just as critical as the next to ensuring that the generator will run correctly if an outage occurs. A service technician should always inform you of the services they performed on your unit. You definitely want to make sure your unit is being properly maintained. Use this list in the future to ask the company providing you with preventative maintenance what their visit includes and make sure that the job they do is worth the price tag. Improper maintenance can lead to failures at the worst possible moments and very pricey fixes, so be an informed consumer and ensure that your generator will be ready to go when you and your family need it most!

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Sainato Electric Inc dba Generators Plus has factory-certified KOHLER service technicians on staff
We follow Kohler's recommended maintenance schedule and file and maintain all warranty claims with Kohler
We recommend annual scheduled maintenance for peace of mind
Maintenance-plan customers receive priority service during outages

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About Us
Generators Plus+ is pleased to offer KOHLER® generators, as well as any parts or products you may need to keep your generators running and trouble-free. About Us

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